Our work for free or Money Back Guarantee

As the owner of this agency, here is my personal promise to you.

We are confident that we can achieve specific results for certain types of businesses for whom we have had proven success over and over again.

Here is my personal guarantee to you as the owner of this agency.

We are confident that we can accomplish particular results for certain sorts of businesses for which we have a track record of success.

If you fulfill the following requirements:

  • Hire our firm for a minimum of 4-6 months.
  • Spend a minimum of $1,000 each month on advertising.
  • Pay the agreed-upon setup and ongoing management costs.
  • Use and update your CRM or export sales data from your accounting system to provide us with sales data.

Then I promise you will obtain the following outcomes within six months of joining our agency:

  • You will double the number of high-quality leads entering your CRM system from the Internet.
  • You will have accurate tracking in place, allowing you to make smart marketing decisions.
  • You will have a lead-generating system in place that can be scaled up or down based on your company’s needs.

If these targets are not met, our agency will accept one of the following penalties:

Our agency will work for free beyond the 6-month period till those three milestones are met.


We will refund part or all of your payments for the initial 6-month term – whatever you believe is fair for the value you got during that time period – and we will part ways gracefully.

Some of our clients have been taken advantage of by untrustworthy freelancers. They have already been burned by unethical agencies. We recognize that we must gain your trust, which comes with developing a true connection with me and my agency.

Sonu Kumar
Owner & Pay Click Click Marketing Specialist

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