October 2022

  • Best Dental PPC Ads Management Agency

    Best Dental PPC Ads Management Agency

    Best Dental PPC Marketing Agency – Leadschief | Complete Dental Google Ads Marketing Guide Table of Contents: 1. What is PPC Marketing/Google Ads Marketing? 2. How can Google PPC ads help your dental practice grow? 3. Why should you use Google PPC Ads marketing for your dental office? 4. How many new patients can you…

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  • Google Ads Guide: Reasons to use Google Ads/Pay Per Click Marketing for your Business Promotion.

    Learn how to use Google Ads Effectively & reasons to use Google ads to drive more sales, revenue, and new customers to your business. Table of Contents: Introduction to Google Ads Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is an online advertising solution that businesses use to promote their products their services on Google Search,…

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  • Paid Marketing v/s SEO | Which is Better?

    It is one of the most trending controversial topics in marketing. Some say SEO is better, some say paid marketing is better and some say PPC & SEO both should be a part of your marketing strategy. Based on my personal experience, knowledge, and understanding, PPC & SEO both should be part of your marketing strategy so…

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