Paid Marketing v/s SEO | Which is Better?

Paid Marketing v/s SEO | Which is Better?

It is one of the most trending controversial topics in marketing. Some say SEO is better, some say paid marketing is better and some say PPC & SEO both should be a part of your marketing strategy.

Based on my personal experience, knowledge, and understanding, PPC & SEO both should be part of your marketing strategy so you can get long-term benefits. 

There is a reason why I believe you should invest time and money in both strategies. And to understand this you must know what is paid marketing and what is SEO, and how they both can affect your business.

1. Paid Marketing/Pay Per Click Marketing

It goes by the name, You pay for promoting your website, services, or products on Google, YouTube, or Social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

Paid marketing to show on Top of Google Searches: By using the Google Ads platform you can promote your services or goods to be shown on Top of Google Searches. This can be used for multiple reasons:

  • Drive more website traffic
  • Lead Generation
  • Drive Sales & Revenue
  • Promote your Mobile App
  • Brand Awareness & Consideration

Paid marketing is also used on social media for promoting your goods and services. 

They appear as “sponsored” content while browsing your Instagram, Facebook, and more.

In both scenarios, you can target audiences based on Keywords, Behaviours, Interests, Geo-Locations, Age, Income, and Gender according to your business preferences to reach customers of your preference.

Here you pay money to the companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook to run ads and promotions.

By using Google Ads Pay Per Click marketing you can expect to get results in just a couple of weeks and in 3-6 months of time, you can start expecting a good ROI.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization on the other hand is free. With a better SEO, your business website becomes eligible to rank on the First pages, but they show below the paid ads.

Using professional experts who do SEO, you can get your website to rank for keywords and searches that are relevant to your business. 

SEO can take time. With disciplined and continuous efforts your website can start ranking in 6-12 months of time for relevant keywords.

Now, when you combine both, you have maximum chances that your business appears multiple times on search engines. One because of paid advertising (also called as pay per click marketing) and the other because of SEO. 

This gives better chances to users to interact with your business and explore your services/products. 

  • Users who do not like to click on ads, can scroll down and click on the organic results that appear because of your SEO. 
  • Users who generally click on what they see on Top of Google Searches can click on your ads that appear on Top of Google Searches and explore more about your business. 

Therefore, I recommend utilizing every opportunity to be able to show your business on Top of Google Searches. 

There is nothing wrong with investing time and money in either of these 2 trending marketing strategies. But, if you want to dominate the market and get maximum visibility and traffic, you should invest in both SEO & PPC. 

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